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Investment Opportunities in Oman for UK Businesses

Investment Opportunities in Oman for UK Businesses

Investing or exporting to Oman has many benefits for UK businesses. Not only is UK Oman's biggest foreign investor, English is accepted as a business language and is widely spoken. The Omani governement is investing heavily in infrastructurem healtcare and education. Under the government's 'Vision 2020' strategy plan Oman has a huge infrastructure development programme underway. Its development projects are worth £50 billion and vary from new build airports, roads and ports to hospitals and health centres.

Investing in Energy Sector

Foreign investment in energy sector is proactively encouraged by Oman with opportunities throughout the supply chain. BP has a project worth £9.8 billion drilling 300 wells to flush gas trapped under the Omani desert.

Investing in Healtcare Sector

The government has a long term strategy plan 'Vision 2050' and short term 5 year health development plans. The short term plan mainly focuses on construction of hospitals, health complexes and health centres. More projects will be announced with the next short term 5 year plan.

Investing in Education and Training

Omanis studying overseas prefer the UK over other countries because British standards are widely applied in Omani educational system. The UK has many affiliations with private local universities and colleges. 

Oman is investing heavily in revamping its primary and secondary education system and to increase capacity in higher education. Oman's growing demand for care and education for children with disabilities and special needs opens a wide range of investment opportunities for UK businesses in education sector.