Zawawi Group

Our Founder

Qais Bin AbdulMunim Al Zawawi

Respected Businessman and a Visionary

Oman's Leading Merchant Family

A visionary who was dedicated to hard work and progress, Mr Zawawi was head of what would become one of Oman’s greatest merchant families. He was also a trusted advisor to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and considered it an honour and privilege to serve His Majesty the Sultan as Oman's Foreign Affairs Minister during the 1970s and early 1980s, and as Deputy Prime Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs until his unexpected demise in September 1995.

Working Alongside His Majesty

During his time in office he assumed a vital role in helping His Majesty's new government foster a developing country with a fast growing economy bringing Oman into a brighter era.

Mr Zawawi came from humble beginnings; educated in India, he returned to Oman after a brief time spent in Dubai where he helped set up the Pepsi Cola Operation. Mr Zawawi understood the many opportunities the Blessed Renaissance would bring his beloved homeland and worked tirelessly to help the new Sultan achieve his vision for modern Oman.

Exploring New Opportunities

Back in the Sultanate, Mr Zawawi encouraged his family to unite their efforts in exploring and developing new opportunities and to work together toward building, and achieving, common goals and instilled in them his own tireless work ethic.

A man of rare vision, confidence and kindness, Mr Zawawi understood and appreciated the dynamics of a new economy at a time when Oman was still in its infancy. His aim was to help build a diverse core of businesses that would serve and sustain a fast growing domestic market for communities throughout the country.

He witnessed a historic turning point in Oman's early and hopeful outlook for the future under His Majesty Sultan Qaboos' visionary and benevolent leadership. With this new platform, the opportunities for all seemed endless. And so, like many of Oman's early entrepreneurs, Mr Zawawi worked agilely to mark a place for his family business on this new and dynamic stage.

Bringing Stability and Diversity

As a politician he was ahead of his time, a forward thinker, eager for Oman to take its place in the modern world and emerge, methodically and sustainably, from the dark ages.

His success is intertwined with that of the Sultanate itself, and while his legacy spans politics and business, he was also a firm believer in educating the young to bring stability and diversity to Oman.

The Company he founded continues to innovate, adapt, educate and strive for better across its many sectors.

It continues to have a distinguished management team and staff who appreciate the founding principles on which the company was built and who use those values as a template to maintain its focus and direction in a way it's founder would be incredibly proud. The Zawawi Group of companies has grown over 10 times since 1995.

His legacy and life achievements live on in the reputation he has created for himself, his family and businesses. His children continue to strive hard to ensure that this legacy continues for many generations to come.

Zawawi Group History

Leading Business Group in Sultanate of Oman


Zawawi Colas LLC (formerly Tarmac Zawawi LLC)

Joint venture with Colas Group, France. Carrying out asphalt and contracting business.

Alemco Zawawi

Joint venture with Alemco UAE (Al Jaber Group) to carry out Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contracts.

Ibn Zuhr Polyclinic

Acquired majority stake in health care company providing Haemodialysis services to Ministry of Health, Muscat.

USG Zawawi Drywall

Joint venture with US Gypsum Corporation, a manufacturing facility in Salalah Free Zone to produce gypsum board (Sheetrock brand).

LBH Zawawi Shipping & Logistics

Started ship agency business in joint venture with LBH Group, Netherlands.

Zahara Airport Services

Zahara Travels entered into a joint venture with Plaza Premium Lounge, Malaysia and started Lounges in Muscat International Airport.

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