Zawawi Group

About Zawawi Group

Established in 1975

Our Founder

Respected businessman and politician the late Qais bin Abdulmunim Al Zawawi established the Zawawi Group more than 40 years ago.

Today the directors continue the work of the Group's founder, Mr Zawawi, the former Deputy Prime Minister for Financial and Economic Affairs and a visionary who saw the opportunities of the Renaissance and helped fuel Oman's march to modernity.

In all their endeavors, the Group strives to maintain their matchless repute of low debt levels, focus on profitability, diversification, decentralization and high professionalism in management.

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our Philosophy

Achieve appreciation of shareholders wealth by focussing on investment opportunities within the region or outside, by continuously seeking new possibilities with a focus on diversification in terms of the type of the activity and its relevance and compatibility to the economic profile of the region, by working with partners with complimentary capabilities with respect to each such investment or business, and by empowering competent professionals capable of delivering results.

our Vision

To achieve sustainable and healthy growth in all spheres of our activities by adopting strategies to align our growth with the economic prospects of the region and events across the world, without compromising on care for nature and humanity.

Progressive and Growth-Oriented

Diverse Group of Companies

The Zawawi Group strives to be the most progressive growth-oriented business group in the Sultanate of Oman. It is a diverse group of more than 20 companies operating in a variety of sectors from banking to construction, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

The business has evolved over more than 40 years to suit the changing demands of the region's fast-developing economy and increasingly sophisticated consumer markets. As a forward-thinking company, it is commited to delivering unrivalled service alongside sustainable and healthy growth with no compromise on care for nature or humanity.

Partnering with World Leading Organisations

Zawawi Group has partnered with world-renowned and highly respected organisations such as DHL, Mercedes Benz and HSBC as well as building nationally important brands including Muscat Pharmacy and Zahara Travel. In recent years the Group has achieved rapid growth across the wide spectrum of its businesses and investments.

Our mission is to be known as the most progressive and most growth-oriented business group from the Sultanate of Oman.

Zawawi Group History

Leading Business Group in Sultanate of Oman


Zawawi Colas LLC (formerly Tarmac Zawawi LLC)

Joint venture with Colas Group, France. Carrying out asphalt and contracting business.

Alemco Zawawi

Joint venture with Alemco UAE (Al Jaber Group) to carry out Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contracts.

Ibn Zuhr Polyclinic

Acquired majority stake in health care company providing Haemodialysis services to Ministry of Health, Muscat.

USG Zawawi Drywall

Joint venture with US Gypsum Corporation, a manufacturing facility in Salalah Free Zone to produce gypsum board (Sheetrock brand).

LBH Zawawi Shipping & Logistics

Started ship agency business in joint venture with LBH Group, Netherlands.

Zahara Airport Services

Zahara Travels entered into a joint venture with Plaza Premium Lounge, Malaysia and started Lounges in Muscat International Airport.

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